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Modern wooden prefabricated garage


Important information and warnings

Modern wooden prefabricated garage

Warning! Local legislation

Some products may require authorization from your municipial. Therefore, please inquire in advance at your local technical office. We remain at your disposal for further information on the documentation to be presented. Contact us at the overlay number!

Warranty and Support


Free double glazing for even more durable buildings! Interlocking male and female roof and floor for long-lasting robustness. Guaranteed quality. Interchangeable opposite walls. Solid and sturdy internal framework for a much safer roof. Secure locks and durable hinges. We only use quality glass - no plastic! Convenient delivery, proven quality, attentive and available customer service.

Customer service available every day from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. We guarantee comprehensive service for any issues that may arise before and after delivery. We will replace or repair any defective or missing parts. If you have any doubts about how to assemble your building, you can always contact us and we will assist you in finding the best solution. Our service is comprehensive and at your service from the roof to the last screw to be tightened!

Need proffesional team to install our products for you?

Our highly skilled assembly partners will be pleased to install any building from our range for you. Please note that the installation fee is payable directly to the assembly professionals after the installation has been completed.

Delivery to hard-to-reach areas

Please let us know if the delivery location is difficult to access.


Professional unloading and optimal storage.


We will deliver the desired product to you in the most convenient way possible. All products are packaged in sealed and water-resistant packages. Delivery time: 1-10 weeks, depending on whether the product is in stock or customized. 


It is up to you to organize a suitable place for unloading and the necessary equipment for this. 

Need assembly plans?

Select the desired product and we will send them to your email

Each individual phase of the product installation process is clearly outlined in the assembly instructions. All parts are accurately labeled for easy identification of their respective components.

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